History of superior taste,

since 1890



The origins of Bassi S.p.A., Company leader in the production of Gorgonzola DOP, have to be traced back four generations ago, towards the end of the years 800; when Giovanni Bassi give his dedication to the collection and processing of milk to produce Gorgonzola.


Periodically He went to Novara and the lower Novarese selling the product to different costumers and seasoners.

DURING the ‘60


During the years ’60, Giuseppe’ son, Nardo Bassi, decided to focus his major attention to the full production chain cycle, from collect the milk, cheese factory, maturation and packaging, specializing in 1988 in portioning Gorgonzola, achieving proudly the first authorization on portioned Gorgonzola issued from the Consortium Gorgonzola DOP: N°881001.

In the ’80, Bassi S.p.A. reached the maximum expansion in the production chain.



Today ahead of the Company there are Daniele and Nicoletta Bassi, Nardo’s son and daughter, they represent Bassi’ four generation and they kept unaltered the family tradition and bringing innovation and strength toward the process and organic team.

The activity was hold in Oleggio, Giovanni’s hometown, until 1955, before being transferred in Marano Ticino.


Next to Giovanni arrived his son Giuseppe, born in 1912, whom did not hesitate to follow the activities undertaken by his father.

In 1995, thanks to Daniele’s intuition and experience, the Company is enrich of the most modern and innovative technologies in the production of lactic ferments and direct inoculum. Becoming the most innovative productive site of Gorgonzola DOP.

In 2000, at the end of her economy studies, Nicoletta, focus herself in the commercial side of the company, fulfilling new national and international clients, counting a waste worldwide net.

Today, Gorgonzola Bassi S.p.A., placed in Marano Ticino, proudly boasts a complete production chain from collect milk, production, maturation, packaging and delivery of Gorgonzola.

Bassi S.p.A.

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